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Thanks For Choosing Us!

VUE is a family industry, ran by Jack Fallon and Justin Pedder. The story of our family is a unique one though. See, Justin has a son with the mother of Jacks two children, Jacki.

This is what brought them together, a desire to care for their family as a whole.


With Jacks experience working on the West Coast in real estate marketing and Justins passion for photography, starting this company was an easy choice.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional product and service to help you grow your business.

By implementing various marketing tactics such as professional photography, video and 3D walkthroughs and so much more, we aim to highlight all the information about your listing and just as importantly about you, the agent.

Let your clients talk about all you did for them, how hard you worked, and the extra mile you went to sell their house and they will take care of you with referrals and glowing reviews.

We can't wait to work with you!