DIY Photo shoot

Below you will find the guidelines on how to shoot your home. Everything from where in the room you should stand, to how high you should hold your camera/phone (or set your tripod). Upon completion you will email us your photos, we will professionally edit them and return the finished product to your agent.

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your home...

​Let's start with preparing your home for photos. Here we have a basic list of things to do. You will find more in-depth explanations in the link below:

  • Remove cars from the driveway

  • Turn off all ceiling fans

  • Turn on all possible lights

  • Open blinds

  • Put down toilet seats

  • Remove pet things: (food/water bowls, toys, beds, etc.)

  • De-clutter: (put away your laundry, dishes, etc.)

For more in-depth information on preparing your house visit:

Now for what you do...

So let's start with the first rule... Have fun and enjoy the process! Don't forget, this is your chance to be a professional photographer!

And now for the meat and potatoes... we'll start with your device settings. 

The only thing to know here is shoot with your lens at its widest angle setting. (If you have a wide angle mode on your phone, use it).  


Next, you need to hold/have your phone or camera in Landscape mode. If you don't know what that is, there is a reference guide below.


The next thing to know is how high to hold the camera or set your tripod. 

We suggest shooting chest high. This ideally will give you an even amount of ceiling and floor in your photograph.


The final question you probably have is, "where do I stand in the room? How do I frame my shot"?

We suggest shooting from the corners of each room. This will give you the best and largest view point of the room, showing as much of the room that your phone/lens will allow.


Reference the diagram below for ideas. Click the camera icon to see an example of that shot taken with a phone camera:

New project.png

what you should expect at the end of this...

Once all this is done, you will have your finished product!


Below is an example of what the photos look like when YOU shoot & WE DO NOT edit them, when YOU shoot & WE do edit and what they look like when WE shoot & edit them. 


You will be able to see the difference in the quality of professionally edited photos.

Click this link to see a few more examples:

The final step...

You've come so far, now it's time to upload the photos to us. 

Click on the camera below to upload your photos and we'll get to editing!