Why Online Image Is Everything

"Nothing sells a home faster than professional photos." - Jeff Anttila, REDFIN Blogger.

When we think of a home buyers experience in 2019, we have to wonder: "How can we stand out to these potential buyers?"

This isn't 1997 anymore, people don't come in asking for an MLS printouts. They have options when it comes to searching for the homes they want. It might be Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, etc, but EVERYONE is looking for their next home on the internet.

In order to reach these people and gain their interest we need to out market the competition, AND WE NEED TO DO IT ONLINE.

Logically, the next question is "how can I get their attention?" This is where your listings online image comes into play. First impressions are crucial. I feel it's how we determine the value of whatever it is we are beholding.

Take a sloppily dressed person vs a man or woman in a clean suit or dress. Who immediately receives more respect? Steak vs Mush. Which is more appeasing? We value appearance. While that assessment may be misplaced, it's our minds way of quickly determining what we should and shouldn't interact with.

Your photos are your listings clothes. When people are cruising online, looking at home after home, you want to be in the suit, the dress, not the sweatpants. You want to give them something beautiful to look at. You want them to want to interact with you.


If you need more excuses to use professional photos, let's look at some graphs from a few Redfin survey's.

This first graph shows how much faster listings sell when photographed professionally:

This second graph shows how much more professionally photographed listings sell for: