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Getting Your Home Photo Ready!

Updated: Jan 16

Studies show that you only get eight seconds to make an impression online, which is why having professional photography is so incredibly important in making your listing stand out among the rest. It truly separates you from the rest of the herd.

This is also why it's important to be prepared for when your photographer arrives. The better prepared, the better the photo, the better the impression.

So how do we get prepared, you ask? I think we should start with the Must-Do's on the day of your shoot.

Must-Do's On The Day Of Your Shoot

1. Turn on all interior and exterior lighting on the day of your shoot

This includes lamps and furniture lighting (china closets, bookshelves, etc.). This helps provide light and a more dynamic feel to the photos.

2. Turn off ceiling fans

They become a (whatever color fan blade) blur in the photos given how fast they spin.

3. Shut the lids on all your toilet seats...

I don't think you need a reason why.

4. Light fireplaces and candles

Same as the lights, it gives the photos a more alive and dynamic feel.

5. Move all the cars from the driveway/front of the house

Makes for cleaner exteriors.

6. Hide all animals and animal related items

(Dog/ cat bowls, litter boxes, etc.). Not everybody loves pets the way you and I do.

7. Hide or remove your valuables during the shoot

These photos will be available to the public, it's best to protect yourself.

Now we'll look into how we can get prepared in the time leading up to your shoot.

Inside Of Your Home

1. De-Clutter

You want to attract the right buyer. If you take care of your home, hopefully that appeals to whoever wants to be the next owner. Put away any excessive kids toys, clean up and organize any papers or clothes, mail, shoes, dishes, etc.

2. De-Personalize

Remove family photos or offensive art pieces. Things like taxidermy are some things that don't appeal to the masses. You might love your things, but not everyone will.

3. Hide trash cans

4. Dust and Vacuum

5. Remove all decorations and magnets from the refrigerator

6. Make all the beds

7. Remove toiletries and personal bathroom items

This included shampoo, conditioner, used and damp towels, etc.

8. Remove seasonal items/decorations

You don't want the photos to look aged if your house takes awhile to sell.

9. Replace all burned out light bulbs

This goes with the appeal of the picture seeing all the lights will be on. So try to have them ALL on. A burnt out lightbulb is definitely noticeable in photos.

10. Clean kitchen counter tops

Put away any countertop appliances to make the space feel larger and less cluttered. This includes toasters, coffee pots, air fryers etc.)

Outside Of Your Home

1. Mow grass, rake, trim bushes

These things provide a clean appearance.

2. Open patio umbrellas, uncover grills and patio furniture

It helps people envision using the space. One exception to covered grills and furniture is due to snow. Nobody grills in the snow so its okay to keep those covered.

3. Put away garbage cans, kids toys, bikes and clean up after any animals

This is nice for both the photos and the photographer. No one wants to trip or step in anything unpleasant.

4. Uncover and clean you pool/hot tub.

(Same as 5 for the pool, nobody swims in December).

5. Replace non-working exterior light bulbs.

Lighting is everything.

6. Hide your yard decorations.

Like before, not everyone loves the things you do.

These simple things will help your house look great on it's big day!

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